Mikey Veenstra

Learn. Educate. Repeat.

Hey, I’m Mikey. I’m pretty into web security, and I spend a lot of time writing and speaking about it. I’m also not great at web design or talking about myself, but here we are.

I’ve worn a few hats, from systems administration to malware analysis and incident response, and I’ve determined that the most rewarding part of learning new things is the ability to teach those things to other people. Luckily for me, there’s always something new.

Make no mistake, none of what it takes to secure a website is out of reach for anybody willing to educate themselves about it. It’s my job to help make that happen.


Successful public speaking requires two elements above all else: it must be accessible, and it must be engaging. To that end, it becomes my priority to relay technical concepts in a format digestible by nearly any audience. Especially in the context of information security, where threats can seem nebulous and vague, being able to attach practical perspective to a theoretical problem can be a game-changer for security novices. 

Improving the security posture of an organization or brand begins with awareness. Not just the obvious stuff (you shouldn’t need me to tell you to update WordPress plugins), but a meaningful understanding of the types of threats faced by real sites, real businesses, and real people.