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Responsible Disclosure, or “Why It’s Important To Verify Your Findings”

Earlier this week, a report citing “terabytes of leaked content” was released by cybersecurity firm DirectDefense. In this report, the firm lambasted Carbon Black (a well-respected endpoint security provider) for purportedly making vast amounts of user data publicly visible on an automated basis. Using language like “Welcome to the world’s largest pay-for-play data exfiltration botnet,” DirectDefense claims that all Carbon Black customers are at risk of massive data breaches.

The story quickly reached the media — as is typically the case when the words “terabytes of data” are thrown around — and spread through infosec circles rapidly. There was only one issue, however:

Every single file contained in the “leak” was uploaded due to an optional, off-by-default setting enabled by the “victim” users.

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